TheHackerNews Hacked By Shadow008

TheHackerNews Hacked By Shadow008

The well known Pakistani Hacker Shadow008 has Hacked the worlds famous Hackers News Blog. The Hacker had posted a message saying below:

TheHackerNews b0xed By Shadow008 xD
Also a small message for Admin of TheHackerNews, Why Wont you submit our Pakistani Hackers News When Ever We Submit ? 
Always Be = With Everyone. 
Just like You are with Indian's !

[#] Contact: Shadow008@YMaiL.CoM

./LoGouT oFF 

[#] Greets: KhantastiC | H4x0rL1f3 | Invectus | b0x | Sho0ter | 1337 | Dr.Z0mbie | MINDCRACKER | M4DSh4k | CFR | L1nux3rr0r | Ment@l Mind | ZQ@R | Anon Cop | Sizzling Soul | phpBuGz | Over-X | PrOReBeLL | Hmei7 | Neo Haxor | 
| Cyber Smart | Hitler | Lnx r00t | w3bdrill3r | x3o-1337 | Cep Engking | WG_Eagle | Tha Rude | Disastar | Tha Dark | All Pakistan Cyber Army Team 


Well, it seems that TheHackerNews admins are not submitting news from Pakistani Hackers for some reason. Shadow008 left a message for them to be fair with everyone just like they are with Indians.




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