NVIDIA Developer Zone, User Forum hacked,400,000 user accounts Password leaked

When it rains, it pours. One day after a breach that unveiled the email Yahoo Voice hack leaks 450,000 passwords by "The D33Ds Company" Nvidia today shut down its Developer Zone after a hack that might also have gained access to password information. And again it was SQL injection attack, and database is also dump by hackers. Nvidia confirms hackers swiped up to 400,000 user accounts.

Graphics processor biz NVIDIA has contacted users of its discussion forums and Developer Zone to warn that its servers have been hacked. A small proportion of users’ hashed passwords for DevZone has been posted publicly according to officials of NVIDIA.

Nvidia said it is investigating and "working around the clock" to solve the problem. In the meantime, the company suggested that users who used their Developer Zone password on any other site should change it immediately.
The likely impact of the breach will be an increase in phishing attacks. As a result, if you receive any emails from Nvidia that ask for personal information, don't fall for it.
"Nvidia does not request sensitive information by email. Do not provide personal, financial or sensitive information (including new passwords) in response to any email purporting to be sent by an Nvidia employee or representative," the company said.
Updates about the breach will be posted on the Developer Zone landing page. In the meantime, some of the more popular pages are accessible from links on that page, including: Getting Started with Parallel Computing; CUDA Downloads; CUDA Toolkit; OpenACC; and CUDA Developer Resources.

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