#OpCensorThis By Anonymous & TeaMp0isoN

Famous hacker group Anonymous has started a new operation #OpCensorThis collaboration with TeaMp0isoN
According to the Official Press Release of Anon:- 

"We have entered into a brave new world. Activists have now turned
to the Internet and social media to spread their cause only to be
censored by the various social media outlets we use on a daily basis.
The powers that be are trembling because we are reaching thousands of
people without using the mainstream media.The mainstream media is
forced by corporate power abuse into censoring the truth, and in some
cases, are bought out by governmental entities in order that they 
continue being financially supported by these corporate sponsors.

Instead of releasing coverage of the wrong doings in Palestine,
Somalia, Kashmir, and West Papua - or the countless acts of corruption
that happen everyday in the world around us - we are kept abreast to
the happenings exclusive to Jersey Shore. 

Long have activists and revolutionaries turned to a song to get their
message out. Anonymous and TeaMp0isoN have collaborated together to
continue this tradition. We are going to take youtube and iTunes by storm
and flood the song into the world around us, with proceeds going to
charities that are actively striving to change it. Once this hits the
charts, radio stations will by law, have to play it. Will they thwart
the law to continue making sheep out of the people?

If they censor the song we will attack the music industry and censor
them instead.

Follow us on twitter for more information:

#OpCensorThis Coming to a screen near you.

We are the Voices of the Voiceless, Expect us ....

Here is the Official Video Released by Anon about #OpCensorThis:-

Official Website of Indian Cricketer - Yuvraj Singh (Yuvi) Hacked By Shadow008

Popular Indian Cricketer, Yuvraj Singh‘s Official Website got hacked to by Shadow008.
Official Website Link: http://www.yuvrajsingh.in/
Hack Proof can be found at http://www.zone-h.com/mirror/id/15512658

United states of America World Finance Hacked By ZHC Disastar

United states of America World Finance Hacked By ZHC Disastar

Firefox 7 Released With Better Memory Management, Patches Critical Security Holes

Mozilla released their new version Firefox 7 with lost of new features enabled. The release of Firefox 7 is important because the new version features better memory management and is the first step in Mozilla's long term plan to make the browser more resource friendly. 

Nevertheless, users who upgrade to it will also benefit from improved security as this release fixes six critical and two moderate severity security vulnerabilities.
Four of the critical patches are shared with Thunderbird 7 and address a use-after-free condition with OGG headers, an exploitable crash in the YARR regular expression library, a code installation quirk involving the Enter key and multiple memory hazards.
A moderate severity patch that provides defence against multiple Location headers caused by CRLF injection attacks is also common to both products.
In addition to these patches Firefox 7 also contains fixes for two critical and one moderate severity vulnerabilities, with one of them resulting in a potentially exploitable WebGL crash. It's worth pointing out that Microsoft previously motivated its decision to not include support for WebGL in Internet Explorer by saying that the 3D graphics library opens a large attack surface. So far several serious vulnerabilities have been identified and patched in WebGL, which partially supports Microsoft's assessment, but the library's supporters claim this is no different than with other technologies.
Firefox 7 also updates Websocket, a protocol disabled in the past because of security issues, to version 8, which is no longer vulnerable to known attacks. Unfortunately, Mozilla has not yet developed a fix for a recently disclosed attack against SSL/TLS, despite having worked on the problem since June. Developers are still trying to find a resolution that will break as few websites as possible, but at this point it's not even certain that a fix will be included in Firefox 8.

To download Firefox Click Here

Hacker Puts Abusive Message on British MP’s Phone

A hacker penetrated a British woman MP’s voicemail and left a sexually offensive message that asked callers whether they had recently indulged in a sex act, a media report said Sunday. The hacker also disabled the House of Commons telephone system, the Daily Mail reported.
Claire Perry, Tory MP for Devizes in Wiltshire, 117 km from London, said she found her voicemail had been changed. “There was a general, system-wide failure overnight. But the changing of the voicemail strongly suggests that the two things were linked, and that a good deal of planning had gone into the operation,” she said. 
She, however, did not say what the message was. David Whitelegg, an IT security expert, said the hacker may not have been a prankster, but that he may have been testing the security of the system. 
“It’s worrying because it is the sort of thing a terrorist could do prior to launching an offensive. It shows our vulnerability to a cyber attack,” he said.

IPCop 2.0 Linux Firewall Distribution

The IPCop Firewall is a Linux firewall distribution. It is geared towards home and SOHO users. The IPCop web-interface is very user-friendly and makes usage easy. 
The newly released IPCop 2.0 Linux firewall distribution updates the kernel to version 2.6.32, adds hardware support for Cobalt, Sparc and PPC systems and includes a new installer that assists users with such tasks as setting up a network. The developers have also revised the user interface: for example, the system menu has a new scheduler for time-based actions, the web proxy menu includes more advanced settings, and the DHCP server menu has been simplified

What's New in v2.0:-
  • IPCop v2.0 is a development of v1.4, but incorporates some significant improvements.
  • Linux kernel 2.6.32
  • New hardware support, including Cobalt, sparc and PPC platforms.
  • New installer, which allows you to install to flash or hard drives, and to select interface cards and assign them to particular networks.
  • Access to all web interface pages is now password protected.
  • The port for https secure connections has been changed to 8443.
  • Redirection from ports 81 and 445 will not work.
  • A New Look User Interface.
To download IPCop Click Here 

iPhone Event October Will Be Held On Apple Campus

Apple intends to host the October 4th media event on their own campus in Cupertino, California, according to a new report from WSJ’s AllThingsD. The event is expected to be headlined by the iPhone 5 (or iPhone 4S), in addition to introducing the next iPod touch, iOS 5, iCloud, and Mac OS X 10.7.2 update. This is a change to Apple’s tradition of hosting larger event sat San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center. Although AllThingsD isn’t sure as to why the events location is different, they propose a few theories. The other side to not booking the YBCA is that it has kept the event date hidden from the public, something that was relatively easy to guess due to the public accessibility of the Yerba Buena Centers event calendar. Few details on any new hardware have surfaced, and there is an ongoing debate as to whether a true iPhone 5 will be revealed or if the iPhone 4S will be the next-gen iPhone. While there is plenty of speculation in the tech world as to the specifics of the next phone, it’s important to remember that Apple goes to incredible lengths to keep products secret, as demonstrated by the immense security precautions surrounding the iPad when it was in testing prior to public launch.

According To Apple:-
"Perhaps the release date was too much of a moving target to risk booking a large space like Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (YBCA), which has hosted a number of big product unveils in the past. Perhaps, the company felt a more intimate venue was best for newly installed CEO Tim Cook’s first media event. Perhaps YBCA was simply already booked. Whatever the reason, the world will get it’s first look at the next iPhone at Apple’s Town Hall Auditorium in early October."

Tiny Core Linux Version 4.0 is Now Available

Tiny Core Linux is a very small (<12 MB) minimal Linux GUI Desktop. It is based on Linux 3.0 kernel, Busybox, Tiny X, and Fltk. The core runs entirely in ram and boots very quickly. Also offered are Micro Core, a 8 MB image that is the console based engine of Tiny Core, and Multi Core, which includes Tiny Core, Micro Core, networking tools and an installer. 
Micro Core contains CLI versions of Tiny Core's programs allowing the same functionality of Tiny Core's extensions, only starting with a console based system.

Changes in version 4.0:-
  • Updated kernel to 3.0.3
  • Updated udev to 173
  • Updated glibc to eglibc-2.13
  • Updated e2fsprogs base libs to 1.41.14
  • Updated gcc base libs to 4.6.1
  • Updated util-linux base libs to 2.19.1
  • Updated eglibc for 486/586 support.
  • Updated base Xlibs (microcore users need to get new Xlibs.tcz)
  • Updated all the custom core utilities to use the new repository area.
  • New loadcpufreq to handle module loading.
  • Updated ondemand for console based extensions via Freedesktop Exec=cliorx prgname
  • Updated tce-load & tce-audit for dynamic KERNEL dependency processing.
  • Adjusted .xsession to handle X startup failure.
  • Adjusted .setbackground colors for wallpaper handling.
  • Updated AppBrowser Search and Keyword as described below.
  • Updated ab Search and Keyword.
  • Updated search.sh internal script support for new search method shared by AppBrowser & ab
  • New keyword.sh internal script support for new keyword method shared by AppBrowser & ab
  • Updated loadcpufreq ( C rewrite for speed)
  • Updated busybox 1.19.2 with latest patches and nbd-client
  • Updated rebuildfstab, tc-config, & rc.shutdown for nbd-client support.
  • Updated getTime.sh for random selection of time servers (atl chi sj).
  • Updated Luxi fonts to disable hinting.
For More information and to download click Here 

Google Plus fight with Facebook

Google Inc and Facebook trotted out a variety of new social networking features in back-to-back announcements on Tuesday, underscoring their intensifying competition for Web surfers.

Google integrated its flagship search engine into its 3-month old social network -- with membership now open to the Internet public -- and expanded its "Hangouts" video-chat feature to allow mobile use and broadcasting.

The company said on its official blog its well-received Hangouts feature -- where up to nine people can link up and chat with a user on video -- will be available on camera equipped smartphones powered by its own Android software. Support for Apple Inc iOS devices "is coming soon", it added.

And a user can now host an online broadcast with this feature -- recording a session and broadcasting it live for public access online. Black Eyed Peas front man will.i.am will host the first "Hangout on Air" on Wednesday, Google said.

Hangouts should keep pace with how you socialize in the real-world, so today we're launching it on the one device that's always by your side: your mobile phone," senior vice president of engineering Vic Gundotra said on the blog post.

For its part, Facebook said it was introducing a new "ticker" on its users' home pages, providing real-time notifications of what friends are doing on the service. Facebook also revamped the service's main news feed to flag important items -- such as a new baby announcement -- for Facebook users who have not logged on for a few days. Facebook also changed the way photos are displayed on the site, increasing the size of pictures that appear in a users' news feed.

Facebook is the world's No.1 social networking service, with more than 750 million users. The company has rolled out a series of improvements to its service recently, many of which seem designed to match features Google has used to set apart its rival social networking service, Google .

Google did not say how many people had signed up for Google so far, but confirmed the social network was now open to all, whereas previously it had been invitation-only. Analysts estimate upward of 25 million users have joined Google since its inception.

The company also made its search engine available from within the social network. Users can search from Google and get results not just on the network, but from the worldwide Internet.

Google's infant social network, which counts Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg as a member, has met skepticism so far. Some are waiting to see if it can maintain the rapid momentum of its first months.

If CEO Larry Page's brainchild -- which some say mimics better than Facebook the instinctive categorizing of friends that occurs in real life -- takes off, it will come at a pivotal moment for its bigger rival. Facebook is widely expected to go public in 2012.

We're nowhere near done, but with the improvements we've made so far we're ready to move from field trial to beta," Gundotra said.

Day of Vengeance By Anonymous On September 24th

Hacktivist group Anonymous is planning to hold a special "Day of Vengeance" in several cities around the U.S. on Saturday. Anonymous' decision to release its "communique" and call for a Day of Vengeance is a response to the recent New York City "Occupy Wall Street" demonstration. Last week, about 1,000 people from various groups descended on Lower Manhattan to protest the corporate world's close ties to American politics. The protesters were urged by the "Occupy Wall Street" organizers to"flood into lower Manhattan, set up tents, kitchens, peaceful barricades and occupy Wall Street for a few months."

According to the Official Press Release of Anonymous:-
ommunique From Anonymous  -  USA Day Of Vengence

Wednesday - September 21, 2011

"On September 17, 2011 approximately 15,000 peaceful demonstrators in dozens of cities around the USA gathered, marched - and occupied public space to protest the unjust policies of the US government and the corruption in our financial institutions. The central protest site was in the financial district of New York City, where peaceful protesters faced phalanxes of heavily armed paramilitary police officers from local and federal jurisdictions. The arrests began almost immediately, many for violating the 1845 so called "mask" laws.
Later that day, and according to plan - many of these protests ended with a peaceful  occupation of public space. Again, the central occupation occurred in NYC. More arrests continued to take place. All of this was expected, it is part of progressive activism. Anonymous was content to challenge these stupid "mask" laws in court. Not only is the Guy Fawlkes mask covered under freedom expression as a symbol of our movement, but we believe that everyone has a right to protest anonymously using bandanas, masks - etc.
But then on Tuesday - September 20, 2011 everything changed in a flash of police instigated violence. As rain began to fall on the NYC encampment, heavily armed police moved in; Removing tarps used to cover media equipment, arresting independent journalists, confiscating media equipment - and using excessive force against and arresting innocent peaceful protesters, several of whom were abused and injured.
This year, we heard President Barack Obama and Secretary Hillary Clinton say over and over in country after country from the Balkans through the mid-east to Africa that the right to peacefully protest and occupy public space is a right that MUST be respected in every instance. And they are correct, and this also applies to the USA. In fact, even more so. In the USA of all countries in the world, the police should have been deployed to PROTECT the protesters - not a giant brass bull that is the ultimate symbol of greed and corruption in America. And yet we were treated to the grotesque picture of dozens of armored police surrounding this brass bull, while thousands more police were deployed solely to harass, arrest - and abuse peaceful protesters.
Anonymous & the other cyber liberation groups around the world together with all the freedom loving people in the USA will NOT stand for this. We will peacefully yet forcefully resist the abuses of the NYC Police Department. And so Anonymous announces a nationwide "Day Of Vengence" to take place in dozens of cities across the USA on Saturday - September 24, 2011 at High Noon. 
Poster - http://t.co/BSuXCdRR
Video - http://youtu.be/2svRa-VSaOU
In coordination with these protests across the USA on September 24th, Anonymous and other cyber liberation groups will launch a series of cyber attacks against various targets including Wall Street, Corrupt Banking Institutions - and the NYC Police Department. We encourage the media to follow the Twitter feed @PLF2012 for ongoing reports throughout the day.

We Are Anonymous - We Are Everywhere - We Are Legion - We Never Forget - We Never Forgive
EXPECT  US  --  Anonymous...

FBI Arrests two Suspected LulzSec and Anonymous Hackers

Search warrants were also being executed in New Jersey, Minnesota and Montana. The FBI  arrested two alleged members of the hacking collectives LulzSec and Anonymous on Thursday morning in San Francisco and Phoenix, According to Fox news. The suspected hacker arrested in California is homeless and alleged to have been involved in the hacking of Santa Cruz County government websites.

The person arrested in Arizona is a student at a technical university and allegedly participated in the widely publicized hack against Sony. Both groups have been targeted by the FBI and international law enforcement agencies in recent months.

Meanwhile, the FBI arrested an alleged Anonymous member in San Francisco. The man, who is reported to be homeless, is said to have been involved in internet attacks against Santa Cruz County government websites.Just because a man is homeless, of course, doesn't mean that he can't get an internet connection. Coffee houses, cafes, libraries, etc can all offer cheap or free internet access - and because the computer being used can be a shared device, it may be harder to identify who might have been responsible for an attack compared to a PC at a home.

The arrests shouldn't surprise anyone. They made two errors:
Mistake #1: They brough too much attention to themselves.
It is said that John Gotti, the mafia boss, brought so much attention to himself that he became a natural, high profile target for law enforcement. As Amichai Shulman, our CTO, stated before, the Lulzsec, the hackers "were extremely unfocused in their goal and gained attention mainly due to the relative intensity of their activity and lack of other good media topics." They brought too much attention to themselves and you could expect law enforcement to find them. If you look at hacking historically, over the past 20 years many of the high-profile attacks or those that involve serious losses to governments or commercial companies have ended up with law enforcement finding the perpetrators eventually, such as Albert Gonzalez.

Mistake #2: They didn't cover up their tracks.
Let's review some of the Lulzsec chat logs from a few months ago. One snippet, in reference to discussions Lulzsec was having with the media, shows how the hackers themselves admit they gave away too much informaiton:
Topiary - Sabu and I got a bit carried away and gave LulzSec away a bit
As Imperva's Tal Be'ery said in this USA Today article, "When you're running this kind of operation for a long time, especially with not very concrete plans, you're bound to make mistakes." The mistakes Lulzsec and Anonymous made during their hacking spree left an electronic trail with enough foot prints to product today's arrests.

Microsoft Handover The Rustock Botnet Case to FBI

Microsoft lawyers have sealed their victory over the operators of what was once the world's biggest source of spam after winning a court case giving them permanent control over the IP addresses and servers used to host the Rustock botnet. The seizure was completed earlier this month when a federal judge in Washington state awarded Microsoft summary judgement in its novel campaign against Rustock, which at its height enslaved about 1.6 million PCs and sent 30 billion spam messages per day. The complex legal action ensured that IP addresses and more than two dozen servers for Rustock were seized simultaneously to prevent the operators from regrouping.
Now the attorneys are turning over the evidence obtained in the case to the FBI in hopes that the Rustock operators can be tracked down and prosecuted. Microsoft has already offered a $250,000 bounty for information leading to their conviction. It has also turned up the pressure by placing ads in Moscow newspapers to satisfy legal requirements that defendants be given notice of the pending lawsuit.
According to court documents, the Rustock ringleader is a Russian citizen who used the online handle Cosma2k to buy IP addresses that hosted many of the Rustock command and control servers. Microsoft investigators claimed the individual distributed malware and was involved in illegal spam pitching pharmaceutical drugs.
“This suggests that 'Cosma2k' is directly responsible for the botnet as a whole, such that the botnet code itself bore part of this person’s online nickname,” the Microsoft motion stated. In a blog post published Thursday, Microsoft said the number of PCs still infected by Rustock malware continued to drop. As of last week, a fewer than 422,000 PCs reported to the seized IP addresses, almost a 74 percent decline from late March. It also represented significant progress since June, when almost 703,000 computerswere observed.
The Rustock takedown has been a rare bright spot in the ongoing fight against computer crime. After it was initiated, federal authorities waged a similar campaign against Coreflood, another notorious botnet estimated to have infected 2 million PCs since 2002. In a step never before taken in the US, federal prosecutors obtained a court order allowing them to set up a substitute command and control server that forces infected machines to temporarily stop running the underlying malware. Taking down botnets is a good start, but it does little stop criminals from setting up new ones. Microsoft's determination in tracking down Cosma2k and his cronies could go a step further, by showing would-be botherders there are consequences to their crimes, no matter where in the world they may be located.

Source:- Microsoft, Register and CNET

BruCON Agnitio workshop Slides and Video Demonstration - Download

Workshop by David Rook (Security Ninja) at BruCON 2011 in Belgium. You can Download Slide from here.
Required for the Agnitio hands on demos:
In addition to the list above the following things are optional depending on how hands on you want to be:
  • Internet connection to download an application from the Android market place
  • Eclipse IDE installed
  • Android SDK installed
  • Android Debug Bridge (adb) installed, this should be installed as part of the SDK install
  • An AVD configured with the Android market place app installed (instructions here)
  • I think you can also use a rooted Android device if you don’t want to use the emulator
Workshop format
  • A quick look at static analysis and the strengths and weaknesses of humans and software
  • What is Agnitio and why do I think checklists are a vital component of security code reviews
  • Some examples of what can go wrong if you don’t use checklists to find and remove simple flaws
  • Demos/hands on: using checklists in Agnitio to review source code, produce reports and metrics
  • Demos/hands on: how to customise your Agnitio installation
  • A look at mobile (Android and iOS) application security and how analysis is currently done
  • Demo/hands on: using the mobile specific rule sets in the Agnitio static analysis module
  • Demo/hands on: downloading an app from the marketplace and decompiling it using Agnitio

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