National Portal Of Bhutan Govt Hacked By Team Open Fire (Lots Of Other Bhutan Govt. Documents Exposed)

National Portal Of Bhutan Govt. hacked by Open Fire, They hacked the DB and exposed lots of sensitive information of multiple Bhutan Govt organizations. Also The Consulate General of India information get exposed. The exposure contains User names, email-id, passwords, phone numbers and so on.
Royal Bhutan Police, Department of Livestock, National Biodiversity Centre, Department of Public Health, Ministry of Information and Communications, Natural Resource Development Corporation Ltd., Royal Advisory Council, Department of Bilateral Affairs, Royal Bhutan's Embassy in Kuwait, Thimphu Govt, Bhutan National Bank, Ministry of Economic Affairs and lots of other Government bodies sensitive information get exposed by Team open fire  
Here are some screen shots submitted by the hacker :-

To see the hacked DB and the exposed Credentials click Here


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