WorldCall Telecom Limited (Pakistan) Hacked By bLaCk t3arS

Official website of WorldCall Telecom No. 1 telecom company is Pakistan is vulnerable to SQL-i. This vulnerability has been found by bLaCk t3arS and he also hacked the Database of that website. The hacker exposed secrete credentials like DB name, tables, columns, online user details with user-name, email-id, login IP address. Also the adim details get exposed.


Screen shot Submitted By the Hacker:-

To see the hacked DB and leaked informations click Here


There are many flaws in development which normal user cant find these type of bugs are most yummy bites for hackers to hold any DB into their dirty hands, administration should take some serious security measures to prevent these bugs. So that precious information of users could not be mishandle by those dirty fellows.
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