Columbus Express Soccer Club (CESC) Hacked and Defaced by R4gz33 (Female Hacker)

Columbus Express Soccer Club (CESC) Hacked and Defaced by R4gz33 (Female Hacker)
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The history of organized soccer in Columbus starts in the early 1970's when John McLachlan, a former professional soccer player in Britain, formed some 5th and 6th grade intramural teams at Parkside and Kent Elementary Schools. The kids loved the game and John's delightful Scottish accent, and soon games were being played on some marked off pitches behind Parkside School. In 1974 a committee began working with the Columbus Parks and Recreation Department to form a citywide league. In 1974, 90 players took part in Saturday morning games on two fields at Parkside. From then on soccer grew rapidly.

In 1977 the Columbus Express Soccer Club formed and traveling teams were organized for better competition for continued development of the more skillful players. Then the following year, 1978, Express hosted the Leicester Beavers, a youth team from Leicester, England. This English inspiration followed U-12 and U-14 teams to win the State Championship in 1979. By 1981 Columbus teams became competitive at nearly all age levels. Later in 1981 Columbus Express sent its first team to play a series of games in England. Today Columbus Express has won numerous State Championships and is recognized as one of the top clubs in the state.

Throughout the 80's, Columbus Soccer programs continued growing and outgrowing the Parkside facility. A plan for a new facility to the north of the Parkside field was formed by then president, Dick Wigh. Thanks to a generous lease from the Airport Authority and donations from local corporations, businesses, private individuals, parents and players, Express built the finest soccer complex in Indiana. With Dick's monumental personal effort it was appropriate that the facility be named the Wigh Soccer Center when it was turned over to the City of Columbus 


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