Bridgestone And Avast Hacked by Hemi7

One of world largest company BRIDGESTONE 3 domains and owns by famous indonesian hacker Hemi7. BRIDGESTONE is one of largest company of tyres in world. Avast is one of most most popular anti virus company and it own security is compromized by Hemi7. There is not any specfic description given on hacked sites that why Hemi7 target BRIDGESTONE and Avast.

According to zone-h, Hemi7 is world 3rd most dangerous hacker of the world. He hacked about 96,000 plus sites and he is consider as One of most dangerous hacker of the World.

Bridgestone Site Deface says

"hacked by Hmei7 
indonesian people is here

be secure

your security get down !!"

Hacked Domain and mirrors

Avast Domain and mirrors


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