50+ Indian Sites Hacked and Defaced By D4rk-Life

50+ Indian Sites Hacked and Defaced By Pakistani hacker D4rk-Life on defence day of Pakistan. According to hacker, the reason behind the this hack was to Delivered Message To India about the defence day of Pakistan.
The list of impacted sites and mirrors was published on Pastebin , at press time, all of them still weren’t restored.  

Deface Page Say's:
"We Salute All the Pakistani Fighters Who martyred in 1965 War 
The Heroes Who Sacrified Theri Life to Defend Theri Country 
We All Love You Our Brave Soldiers We Salute you 
Salute From VOBHH and All Pakistani Hackers 
Voice Of Black Hat Hackers 
| Pakistan Army Zindabad | Pakistan Cyber Army Zindabad | 
Greets :- |Maher Bro||Monster VOBHH| |H4xor Hussy| |Sky Walker||D4rk-Life| |Innocent Haxor| Um3r-H l |AryanZ_Khan| XDr3aMX||Pk ShaDoW | SoliTarY Man | | Maher Adil | VOBHH Deciple | Khalil_HaXoR | Ace HaXor |



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