100+ Websites Hacked By P@KhTuN~72

100+ Websites Hacked By P@KhTuN~72

A Pakistani Hacker named P@KhTuN~72 from the group called Pakistan Cyber Army has hacked more then 100 sites. The hacker had hacked it after US released an Anti-Islamic movie. The hacker had left a message on the hacked which is provided below:

Hello Admin ....
Pakistani Muslim Soldier P@KhTuN~72 is here
Muslims want peace all over the world.. 
But Insult of Our Holy Prophet Muhammad ( P.B.U.H), We Can't bear it.. 
We are more more and more stronger than you that you cannot imagine.. 
But We Want Peace & Brotherhood 
But You Boobish People and Your Boobish acts Provoked me... :@
And am Again here to Destroy Your CYber Space 
And This Is Only The Index Change for Warning...
I Do Not Want Bad Effect On Your Site;) 
Sites Hacked: http://pastebin.com/Kj9a6gvF


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