Media Note By Indishell Regarding The Recent Mobile Recharge Scam

Media Note By Indishell Regarding The Recent Mobile Recharge Scam

Media Note By Indishell Regarding 
The Recent Mobile Recharge Scam

A week ago, a new strike the cyber space about the hackers arrested in mobile company scam and Indishell is associated with those hackers

Today Indishell released a Media Note for the Incidence :
A unexpected storm has hit and wiped out everything which we hold dear . The pride of the name Indishell and its motto is hanging on the edge and we feel its our responsibility to answer the nation and the company which incurred huge loss due to greed of few. 


Indishell was formed on strong foundation stone of Patriotism and defending the Nation against any foreign and domestic attacks. We had our successful run  and struck terror back into hearts of hostile national hackers who thought they can play around with Indian cyber space and toss it over and over like a ragged doll. Indishell name has became most hated name among the hacker groups of hostile nations and many new members registered on our website and became followers. 

After website went down due to lack of funds and stuff we shifted to facebook to stay in touch and continue the work we started. At that time we felt its the right decision and our voice can be heard louder in social networking sites but as for now we feel it we did the mistake shifting to Facebook.

Our group has spread faster then  we expected many joined the group and initially we thought it will be a platform to many new comers and great way to spread knowledge. As the time moved on and old members like me, lucky, silent , inx , rootdevil etc went busy with real lives monitoring the group has became a mess ( it may hurt few but  its time to answer and tell the reality ) and lots of abuses, issues , fights broke up among and outside the group.

At that time the  old members decided to stay put as it has became out of our control. Despite many efforts to bring it back , filtering, warnings, requests its same situation repeatedly so most of the old members went inactive. This may seem like we are putting blame on some one else , i must say its not . This is not kind of Indishell we dreamed , worked hard , scarified for. This is kind off run away train  with no on in control few are jumping tracks.  


This is pretty unfortunate that indishell name is associated with this kind of heinous crime where the Motto of indishell has been shattered into pieces.  The arrested Sumit Gupta and Ankit Singh were not staff or official members of Indishell (If any one have info kindly let us know their hacker id's) they may be part of Facebook group and that doesn't imply that they were official members. Facebook Indishell group is a open group any one can join and anyone can leave so as far as Sumit and Ankit is concerned we deny the fact that they are members of Indishell.

Now the bitter part the other accused Neo, Google Warrior, Darkl00k were official members of Team Indishell. We are still trying to find out their involvement in this scam and through this note we want to convey a message to them .

" Guys, Its been almost a week since the issue came up and we are still waiting for your word and contact to clarify what happened. We pray for your well being  and hope that you are not involved in this. You may be aware how devastated and shocked we must be hearing this. If involved kindly co-operate with investigating agencies and authorities and face the trail . Eagerly waiting to hear from you"


Your friends and social networking followers may see you as a hero for possessing knowledge above them, but don't be fooled that our Cyber Cell and investigating agencies are noobs and can't track you if you are involved in any kind of Blackhat activity.  TOR, Proxys , VPN's can save you when the authorities knock your door. If you are patriot then yup hack the hostile nations and networks but defacing will not make a change, instead try to gather intel which may help our investigating agencies and avoid loss of assets or lives of our nation. Recent Assam riots and aftermath proves how vulnerable our nation is against a hostile nation cyber attack and how a hostile nation is using its time and sources to attack our nation when ever possible.

Life can be pretty tough many times. There were moments in every hacker where he thinks of making money out of his knowledge if i say its a false statement then i might not be truthful with my heart and soul. But Ethics has such a power which will overcome every problem and suffering in time so be strong and don't get involved in blackhat stuff.

God has already given us enough be thank full for that. We are not born disabled instead we are blessed with knowledge so use it in the right way. If you want to live a luxury life then work hard day and night and own every penny you earn the right way build your future on it. Trust me that will be more satisfying then living a sinful life. Make Knowledge and Ethics your armour . Knowledge and Greed is like a quick sand once you step into that there will be no escape. Remember to follow the right path.




Thanks to sharing this wonderful blog indishell. I like your work. You are doing a wonderful work to protect peoples for cyber hackers.I feel proud on you.
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