Domino's India Web Site Hacked | Customer Data Leaked

Domino's India Web Site Hacked | Customer Data Leaked
The Indian Web site of pizza retailer Domino was hacked by a Turkish group, which leaked information from about 37,000 accounts online. The data included names, phone numbers, email addresses, and passwords.
In a report Tuesday by the Business Standard, the culprits behind the breach called themselves the Turkish Ajan Hacker Group.

The hack was done via SQL injection method and remote file inclusion, one of the most common methods for stealing private data from web databases, according to the news agency. The news daily explained that through this, the site's database is tricked into revealing data that should be hidden by ‘injecting’ certain commands.
The news follows a recent spate of hacking of company Web sites in India. In May, electricity company AP Power Generation had its site hacked by hacktivist group Anonymous. In March, the government revealed that 112 of its sites had been breached in the first three months of the year.



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