100+ Australian Sites Hacked by Bangladesh Cyber Army

100+ Australian Sites Hacked by new defacer "s1l3n7" in from  Bangladesh Cyber Army. BCA consider as one of major hacking group from Bangladesh. This hack also point of lot of question for security experts. These kind of attacks are clearly showing how much awareness about security is need in cyber world.

The list of impacted sites was published on Pastebin , at press time, all of them still weren’t restored.

Deface Page Say's:

D3sh!_xPl0itz Sh3LLz [B@NgLaD3sH Cyb3r Army]

Your system got hacked By Bangladesh Cyber Army

=> okk, dear admin .... 
=> the breaking news is , you got hacked by s1l3n7 BD
=> It's 100% Friendly Hack and Nothing is Deleted And Nothing is Changed ... 
=> And You Can Restore it Easily xD... 
=> Next Time Improve Your Securiy And Fix All Vulnerability..... <
=> And I Don't Think There is Any Next Time ;)
=> Well, Good bye Admin, Patch Your Site :D "

Hacked Sites List:




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