Progate Group Corporation (PGP) Hacked By Hitcher

Official website of ASIC Design Service and Platform SOC Solution SOC/IP/MPW/COT/ART Turn Key Design service provider Company Progate Group Corporation (PGP) get hacked and defaced by Hitcher, a well-known Pakistani hacker from Pakcyber Force (PCF). The hacker has created thedeface mirror on the Zone-h. 

Hacked Site :-
Mirror Link :-

Brief About The Company :-
PGC Inc First Taiwanese company to focus on SoC, SiP IC design services, professional company, won the 2000 Ninth National Award, and was ISO9001 and 14001 quality certification.
There integrated services are with well-known leader in the world, including TSMC, ASE, ARM, Artisan and other cooperative network relationships, provide customer Gate Array, Standard Cell, Intellectual Property and Multi-Projects Wafer needs chip design, manufacturing, packaging and testing services.
Last year more industry-leading, the introduction of technology for deep submicron design tools tailored to the advanced (IC Compiler), for the company to enter the 90-nm and 65 nm era, the establishment of a more solid overall competition in niche industrial technology .Company in view of the United States, Japan and Europe market has more than 70% of total revenue, to enhance customer service



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