Worldwide CyberSecurity Summit Will Be Held in New Delhi

The third world wide cyber security summit will be held on New Delhi in the next year. Communications Minister Kapil Sibal and the EastWest Institute (EWI) Tuesday confirmed that the third worldwide cybersecurity summit will be held in New Delhi Oct 30-31, 2012. The summit, which follows summits in Dallas and London, will be India's first major international summit of cybersecurity experts from government, business, technology and civil society from around the world.
Sibal chairs the summit's India committee, which was established to promote strong participation from Indian officials, experts and business leaders. 
"India welcomes the decision of the EastWest Institute to bring this powerful forum to New Delhi. Working together with like-minded countries and businesses worldwide, India will work hard to assure that practical advances in cybersecurity are made and international cooperation advanced," the minister said.
Sibal also emphasised upon the need for greater government-to-government collaboration on sharing of information, global vision to deal with hackers, legal framework that addresses the requirements at the global, regional and local levels to combat cyber crimes. 
"Existing international institutions are no match for 21st century problems. The New Delhi summit process offers an unprecedented forum for policy innovation in what may be the greatest threat to the stability of our global digitalized world," said EWI president John Edwin Mroz.


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