NMapSi4 v0.3-Beta is Now Available

NmapSi4 is a complete Qt-based Gui with the design goals to provide a  complete nmap interface for users, in order to management all options  of this powerful security net scanner. This is the beta1 version of NMapSi4 0.3. With this release all component are freeze for stable 0.3 release.

What is New in NmapSi4 v0.3-Beta:-

  • Disable Lookup, traceroute with action.
  • Parser Object
  • Support for global profile
  • Ui layout
  • Split parameters bookmark for user and admin mode.
  • Info action for help menu.
  • Combo for hosts in bookmark.
  • Support for static profile.
  • Combo for scan log parameters.

  • Support for nse script categories.
  • Inline help for nse categories.
  • Cache support for nse inline help.
  • Manual script support.
  • Script args support.
  • Inline help for nse script.

  • Select and stop single scan.
  • Scan details support on monitor.
  • ETC or remaing scan time on monitor. (if estimated).
  • Dbus interface (signal with host scanning number). (if estimated).
  • Vulnerabilities tab view
  • Insert a new search vulneribility url
  • Fix some issue with parser

  • First support for ip discover with nping (REQUIRED)
  • LCD Diplay for remaining ip in discover.
  • Direct ip scan in discover.
  • Support in discover for probes mode.

To Download NMapSi4 v0.3-beta Click Here 



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