Hacked By Tha Disastar

A Pakistani Hacker called Tha Disastar has Hacked Anonymous's Operation news site. The reason was behind it was that Anonymous where thinking to destroy the Muslims Brotherhood. In return, Indian Hackers and Pakistani Hackers united and targeted . Both Teams worked hard to take it down. Although some Indian Hackers where not Muslims,but they still desiderata to be against it and had told that Anonymous should stay in limits,and must not go out of there limits to others peoples religion .
The News about Anonymous trying to destroy Muslim's brotherhood is posted here :

Site Hacked:




Yeah Indian Hacker's are not against Muslims . Defacing Website is Fun some hackers deface website for revenge and some guys like ZHC are mad like terrorist groups always asking about Kashmir there are no problems with Pakistan Government and Indian Government for Kashmir problem then why they are asking ??? Are they guys mad or they belong to any terrorist group ??

Muslims are brothers All over the world !!

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