Firefox 8.0.1 (Critical Bugs & Flaws Fixed)

Mozilla patched 13 bugs and updates 8 flaws in Firefox version 8.  This is the first maintenance update of this version. According to the release notes, Firefox 8.0.1 is a minor release that addresses two crashing bugs though there are 13 bugs listed as known issues that are "to be fixed in future versions".
One of the issues occurs when a Java Applet is loaded under Java SE 6 Update 29 (1.6.0_29) and affects Mac OS X systems, while the other is caused by versions of RoboForm older than 7.6.2 on Windows. Firefox 8.0.1 is available to download for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux from the project's site. Alternatively, existing users can upgrade to the new versions, either by waiting for the automated update notification or by manually checking.


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