Facebook Scam: Win a Disney Cruise with $2,000 Spending Money

Cammers have created Facebook pages called “Walt Disney World” on which they claim to be giving users the chance to win a trip via Disney Cruise.

“Great news, we're giving you a chance to get a Disney Cruise for you and 5 friends to 50 people from us with $2,000 spending money for a date of your choice. To enter Just Share this video then go here: www.disney-cruise-lines.com,” the posts entitled “Win a Disney Cruise with $2,000 spending money” read.

The so-called competition has nothing to do with Disney. Furthermore, the link doesn’t actually point to the Disney Cruise Lines website, but to a site where users are instructed to complete a survey in order to allegedly win various prizes, Hoax Slayer warns.

Each time one of these surveys is completed, the scammers make some money via affiliate networking services. Furthermore, some of the sites also instruct users to hand over personal information, which can also be monetized in various ways.

Finally, by tricking users into liking their bogus Facebook pages, the cybercrooks are actually increasing their values. Pages with a large number of likes can be worth a lot of money on the underground market since they can be repurposed for other shady activities.

If you’re a victim of this scam, remove the post you’ve shared on your timeline. If you’ve completed the survey and handed over some personal information, watch out for other scams, since it’s likely that you’ve ended up on the scammers’ list of potential victims.

I’ve seen three of these fake “Walt Disney World” pages, but others might appear soon. The ones that are currently online have harvested as many as 21,000 likes. If you come across such pages, report them to Facebook.



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