Nokia Maps Compromised

After Nokia drive get hacked now the Nokia XDA developper has confirmed that Nokia Map get hackedNokia Maps and is now available for all Windows Phone 7 (WP7) devices . The new app launched with theLumia 710 and 800 would very soon be available for other WP7 devices as well according to Nokia, but now you can test it out now by downloading the XAP file.
The app can only be installed in a unlocked WP7 device (dev-unlock or ChevronWP7 Labs). Nokia Maps is was developed specifically for their new line of WP7 phones and Nokia were banking on this as one of their key selling points. Now that two exclusive apps have already been leaked at a very early stage even before the phones hit the market, it hurt the sales of the new devices as they loose some of the exclusivity. At this point, Nokia can’t really do much about this, but just wait and hope that the new Lumia duo has enough going for it for them to stand out in the competition.


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