RedHack Lashes Out at Anonymous Turkey (AnonsTurkey)

The members of the now-infamous RedHack collective are displeased with the fact that Anonymous Turkey (AnonsTurkey) is relying on the Anonymous name “for their personal interests.”

The hacktivists released a statement to ensure that everyone understands that they’re not against Anonymous, but they’re against the teenagers who run AnonsTurkey.

“Relationship between Redhack and Anonymous goes back to the time of 4chan in 2005. We continue to be in solidarity with active and true hackers within Anonymous and offer our help within our capabilities when it is required,” members of RedHack said.

RedHacks coordinated numerous Anonymous Turkey operations, but at one point some of the members of the latter group decided to take matters into their own hands.

“We always thought that they were young and might change positively. But then they were not happy about us being socialist and our revolutionary values were hard for them to accept,” they explained.

“According to them we should act within the norms of ‘official ideology’ and act around the chauvinism that was imposed on people and the brotherhood relations with the Kurdish people should have been cut off.”

The members of Anonymous Turkey who didn’t condone with RedHack’s views formed their own “Anonymous Turkey” (AnonsTurkey).

When the controversial hackers were appointed as terrorists by the Turkish government, this new collective revealed its support, but because of their “track record” RedHack turned down their offer.

Immediately after, AnonsTurkey announced that they no longer support RedHack and a feud began.

RedHack members conclude their statement by saying that their relations with AnonTurkey will not influence their relationship with Anonymous activists in any way.

On the other hand, it’s almost impossible for all hackers to get along with one another when the Anonymous name is free-for-all. A similar situation occurred when the protest against the Republican National Convention in Tampa was announced.


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