50 EU Government sites Hacked & Defaced By Robot Pirates

Paksitani hacker name Cfr and Dr Ninja From Robot Pirates hacked 50 government sites. EU Governement servers are consider as one of most secure servers in world and it is defiantly not easy to break security of server like these. This also raise lot of question for security experts that how much more security is need in cyber space.

The list of impacted sites was published on Pastebin yesterday, but at press time, most of them still weren’t restored.

Hacked site says:
Game is not 0ver Yet!
Pwn3d By Cfr
[#] Too hot to handle, Too cold to hold . . . Inernet belong to Us! Not we Belong to net
We Are
Cfr - Zqor - Cos - Reaper - Dr Ninja "

Hacked Site & Mirrors List:


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