Haines City's Government Site Hacked by Ay Yıldız Hack Team

The Turkish Hacker group called as Ay Yıldız have hacked into the official website of Haines City, Polk County, Florida. On Sunday, the site’s visitors were redirected to a Turki
sh gaming site.

According to NewsChief, the site was hacked about 10:30 p.m. -- and taken down as soon as the city's Information Technology staff was notified later Sunday night.

Haines City representatives said because the website is not hosted on city servers, IT staff could not determine how it was hacked. But he said no information on city servers were compromised.

"We took the website down," Evans said. "We know it's an important communication tool and we have been working on a reorganized website but this glitch set the plans in motion sooner."

The incident determined officials to ensure that the new site, about to be launched these days, would benefit from proper security measures.

“In the event that something happens in the future, we'll be prepared for it,” said Assistant City Manager, Jonathan Evans.

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