NSA top spy going to Defcon 2012

General Keith Alexander, director of the National Security Agency (NSA), will speak at the Defcon conference, the Pentagon affirmed.
General Keith B. Alexander is also the current Commander, United States Cyber Command.
Defcon for those of you who don’t know is a community of “hackers.”

Not to be confused with “crackers”.
Hackers, are a whole sub culture within American society.
They come to the conference to network, socialize and compete in hacking contests. They represent diverse demographics…
“Defcon is a self evolving group, constantly changing.”, said one hacker, who wished not to be identified
General Alexander may also be doing some intelligence gathering?
After all he spend most of his adult life in Army intelligence.

So as to be balanced, you should probably also watch a excellent scene in the movie Good Will Hunting before you decide to join NSA (see video: Why shouldn’t I work at the NSA (see video:)

According to Defcon employees “We’re going to show him the conference. If he wants to wander around…”
“It should be really cool”, said Jeff Moss of Defcon.
Speaking in reference to the speech Moss said:
“Don’t you think it’s important to hear what the most senior person at the NSA has to say? I’m interested in hearing what he has to say.”
He may be right. I don’t know?
Its no secret that Defcon is promoting this speaker at the conference.
Despite what you may think there are some serious discussions go on at Defcon conferences.
The topics range ever year from everything from computer intrusion, viruses to protecting your credit card information from being scanned by people walking down the street.

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