430 Israel Sites Hacked and Defaced by SaHrAwI_HaCkEr From Teamr00t

430 Israel Sites Hacked and Defaced by SaHrAwI_HaCkEr From Teamr00t. This was a massive attack on server. Israel servers are consider one of most Secure servers in the world but after this hack lot of security issues rises for security experts.  

Deface Page says:

By The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful


We hacked your site, NOT FOR SABOTAGE !

But for support our Muslim brothers oppressed politically and to show you the real message of Islam.

We here to correct misconceptions that may some Muslim people belives.

So, we dedicate to you some sites that talk about Islam correctly:






Hacked Sites List and Mirrors: 
List and Mirrors


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So ok, i kinda support the action, what i don't support is the hacking of this one http://www.biotecnol.com/
That is not an Israelic website, and that website was Portuguese. If you don't know, Portugal is also a political oppressed country. So i guess the number of Israelic hacked sites so far is 429...

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