Indian Hacker Playing with Pakistani Cyber Space

India Hacker Playing with Pakistani Cyber Space and Pakistani hacker watching silently. We have confirm that hackers attack on Pakistani cyber space increase 80% more in month of August. According to Indians IRC channels they are willing to attack more.

In the world of technology, it's not a war of drones and manual army between India and Pakistan but a war between the Cyber Army of both the nations since the eve of Independence that is still continued on Internet. Indian Hackers are united first time ever on Facebook claiming themselves as 'United Hackers of India' and are constantly preventing the Pakistani hackers to hack Indian websites. Indian hackers had jumped recently to a void Pakistani hackers to fuel the communal fire in India by defacing Indian websites.

On August 13, Indian hacker Coded32 appears with an idea to retaliate against Pakistani hackers - who were busy defacing Indian websites. Coded32 gathered all strong Indian hackers labeled as greyhats and whitehats.

Major hacker teams named Team OpenFire, Indian Cyber Force, IndiaShell, Indian Cyber Pirates many other teams got united and everyone attacked Pakistan telecom departments, educational centers, Railway centers and vowed to put down the NIC (National Informatics Center), PKNIC, of Pakistan on same day.

The United Indian hackers on their page uploads as, "We are Indian Hackers, it was not supposed to happen all the sudden this way, but hey who knew? We belong to India. We are one blood! We have one cause. STOP breaching Indian servers, you we bet, the whole Pakistan, Bangladesh, or whosoever breaches Indian Security will have to pay a big time that will be permanent, and irreversible."

Hackers named as coded32, 64, Xhunthacker, and code injector revealed HT: "At this, Pakistani hackers forces discussed among themselves and called for a peace deal between India-Pakistan and the cyber war on both the sides got over on 16th August.

But that was not the only end, Bangladesh, provoked up, and Indian hackers already knew most of the data were supplied by Pakistan Internally supporting them, to this current date Indian hackers are fighting with Bangladesh as cold war, attacking each other but with no direct terms and with negotiation."

One more new Group appear name as H2O, They hacked some Pakistani facebook pages contain huge fan clubs, They also leak some data about about admins of those pages.

Today Offical Shahi Afridi sites was also hacked by Indian Hacker . This was also a huge security flaw.

In the End we try to find out the right number of hacked sites and came to result that yeah it is true that india hacked pakistani sites and it was about to 1,000 to 1500 and those server was already hacked by Indian hackers and only few mirror are made in zone-h. And the real reason of this artical is to increase the awareness of Security in Pakistani Cyber Space.


For Ur Kind Information Pakistan Hacked More Than 4000 Indian Sites At The Time India Hacked 100-1500 Sites
And This Site Was Restored After 1-2 mints When Indians Hacked it

Indian are our foot soil... we create a team patriot before 3 weeks and they hacked more than 1500 sites in 3 weeks but don't show :p we are not silent.. check here P@k c0mrade & Xyed defacements they are minor member of team patriot but the team patriot's admin don't create mirror ...

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