Myanmar 25+ sites Hacked and defaced by cfr from Robot Pirates. Myanmar servers are consider as one of most secure servers in world and it is defiantly not easy to break security of server like these. There are some other hacking groups "Teamr00t", who are also active in Myanmar operation.

The list of impacted sites was published on Pastebin yesterday, but at press time, most of them still weren’t restored.

Deface Page Message:
-- Message -- 
Free Kashmir & Palestine! - Palestine + Kashmir = One Struggle. // End the Occupation. . . .

They overthrow governments of sovereign nations and they undermine, threaten, refuse to recognise and seek to destroy democratically elected governments like they are in Gaza, Palestine.

They support dictators as long as they are fulfilling US, EU & NATO interest in the region like they did in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

In Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya at all they are killing Men,women & Children indiscriminately! And for what? Certainly not to protect civilians as they will have you believe, rather to steal the natural resources of said nation and to install a puppet regime who they can dominate for their own ends.

You speak of Freedom of speech and freedom of expression but you remain silent in the face of a people desire to seek freedom to exist - unless those people are Israeli Zionists!

Shame on the world and all her people who support this abomination masquerading as a nation state!

"When a man is denied the right to live the life he believes in, he has no choice but to become an outlaw.? 
-Nelson Mandela-
Paste-bin  by Robot Pirates:


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