Hong Kong Alleged Anonymous Hacker Arrested for Facebook Threat

A man believed to be a member of the international hacker group Anonymous was reportedly arrested by Hong Kong police after he claimed on Facebook that he would hack government websites. It is quit interesting that now cyber wings and police are after hacker rather then securing there system.

The police said on Sunday the 21-year-old man was later released on bail, had been held on suspicion of “Access to a computer with criminal or dishonest intent” after he allegedly threatened to hack 7 government websites between June and August this year.

“The Internet is not a virtual world of lawlessness,” a police spokesman said, adding that the man was required to report back to the police in October.

The unidentified man was arrested on Friday before being released on bail.
If found guilty, he would face up to five years in jail.
The man was reported by media to be a member of the global hacker group Anonymous.

The group is said to have 20 members in the semi-autonomous Chinese territory, which guarantees civil liberties not seen on the mainland, including freedom of speech.

The police spokesman declined to confirm his link to Anonymous. The last posting on the “Anonymous HK” Facebook page on July 22 urged authorities to show “respect” to citizens

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