12 Pakistani Government Sites Hacked By Xploiter's Crew, Pakistani Hackers

Xploiter's Crew is a new team created By Xploiter.
Xploiter is a well-known Hacker and Co-Admin of PAKbugs who got into many banks like
Allied Bank, HBL , UBL , Tameer Bank, MCB and Soneri Bank etc.
His Team again Defaced Pakistani Government sites but the reason was to secure it.
They didn't defaced homepage but they just uploaded there deface in x.html file.
They says that There Site is in untalented hands !

Its new tread came in Pakistani hacker that they start to hack their own counties sites to make them more secure. Some Pakistani hackers are also opposing on hacking their country sites. These resents hacks by Pakistani hackers alert many Pakistan security admins and origination and they are make arrangements for cyber security.  

List of Hacked Sites:

Mirrors can be Found Here:


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