Indian Railway Website Hacked By MindCracker, Pakistan Cyber Army

Indian Railway Official Website Got Hacked By MindCracker From Pakistan Cyber Army. According to hacker, the hack was Just To The Reply of Pak Army Website Which were Hacked By Indians hackers few Days Ago. Hacker convey his message that this Hack Was Not Made to Create War Between Both Countries Its Just a Reply to The Hacked Site Nothing More. Hack was just part of regular cyber war between India and Pakistan.

Hacked Site Say's:
"Hello Guys :D
Aooooo Indian Railway Pawned LOL
Go to Hell This hack in reply to Pak Army Website

Contact : MindCrackerKhan@Yahoo.Com

We Are : Shadow008 | KhantastiC | Darksnipper | H4x0rL1f3 | Invectus
GreeTz : Shadow008 | KhantastiC | H4x0rL1f3 | Invectus | Darksnipper | Dream.killer | 1337 | Ch3rn0by1 | Dr.Z0mbie 
H1d@lG0 | Ethical Noob | Pain006 | Hitcher | x3o-1337 | DeaTh AnGeL | T4p10N | Tor Demon | gujjar(pcp) 
| SOG | WG_Eagle | Ment@l Mind | M4DSh4k | DeXter | Tha Rude | 
THA Disaster | Rox.root | Redlof | w3bdrill3r | b0x | And All Pakistan Cyber Army Team"

Hacked Site :

Mirror :



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