Indian Embassy Belgium hacked By Sizzling Soul, Pak Cyber Eaglez

The Embassy Of India in Belgium was defaced by a Pakistani hacker with the code name Sizzling Soul today. According to hacker "No War, Peace Message Delivered. But I Am Afraid That This May Be The Last Time I Am Delivering Peace Message." Few hours ago Indian Embassy Israel also Hacked by Pakistani Hacker codename Anon_Uae. According to Security Experts, Pak-India Line of Control tension May effect Cyber World between Pak-India! and it seems like we can feel heat from both sides between Pak-India.

Hacked Site Say's:
"Sizzling Soul | M@st3r M!nd | P@khTuN~72 | $P@Rk | Code Cracker | Hector
Pak Cyber Eaglez Arrived:

LOC Mess,HUh , Leave It Everyone Knows The Reality. Still We Would LIke To Say We Want Peace, Because Peace Is Good For All.. Now Leave It Or Take It,Its Up To You.

Greets: Abdul Ghaffar , Leet Attacker , Haxor Hasnian , Ice Cream , Zia Ur Rehman And All..

Happy Independence Day To All Pakistan...."

Hacked Site:


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