OpIslam: Israeli Hackers Hack HEC(Higher Education Commission) of Pakistan Website

Website of Higher Education Commission of Pakistan was hacked by the Israeli Hackers and Thousands of email addresses, user names and clear text passwords for students with 21667 was published online.

The leaked data from the Pakistan Higher Education Commission has been posted to pastebin with a index of links which link to two further files, 1 clear text and 1 rich text file on two different file hosts.

1 year ago Pakistani Hackers attack Israeli Cyber space and that attack was lead by 1337, who Hack Israeli top domains and other attack lead by Hitcher. This show's that these kind of attack on Pakistani Cyber space may resultant very messy for Israeli cyber space.

"We anti islam
We Love israel <3
We Do Not Forgive
We DO Not Forget
Expext Us
Stop islam
israel is Terrorist

We site http://stz-hacker.noads.biz/


Leaked by Hackers sTz
48000 users hec.gov.pk Hacked
text http://www.mediafire.com/?cbb0bip1po8hhi8
text http://www.f2h.co.il/y01jphoxfix1
text rtf http://www.mediafire.com/?zbv4iz1b5g455a1
text rtf http://www.f2h.co.il/8ako95gm9arc"

This attacks on major sites of countries rise many question for Pakistani security experts and Pakistani hackers. 



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