T-Mobile USA Hacked By TeaMp0isoN (Staffs Credentials Exposed)

Well know hacker group TeaMp0isoN has claimed that they have successfully breached the T-Mobile of US. According to softpedia this hacker group has exploited the SQL-i vulnerability on the t-mobile.com and newsroom.t-mobile.com web sites. TeaMp0isoN released a pastebin where they gave mentioned the entire data breach including name, e-mail address, phone number, passwords of US Deutsche Telekom subsidiary T-Mobile USA staffs.
Earlier the infamous hacktivist collective TeaMp0isoN was directly involved with Anonymous in#OpRobinHood #OpCensorThis. Also they have found SQL-i vulnerability on the Official NASA forum, and like this attack TeaMp0isoN also hacked English Defence League (EDL) and exposed members personal data & many more.


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