jQ.Mobi - A New Framework For Mobile Development Such As BlackBerry, Android & iOS

jQ.Mobi - A New Framework For Mobile Development Such As BlackBerry, Android & iOS
We have a good news for those who are very passionate about Mobile development. Today we will discuss about Java Query Written Mobi (JQ.Mobi) which is a new JavaScript framework for mobile applications. According to its developers, the framework is 2.5 times faster than the desktop variant of the jQuery JavaScript library, some of whose APIs are used by jQ.Mobi, and it only uses about 3 KByte of memory. jQ.Mobi, currently in beta, is intended for use in developing apps for systems with a WebKit browser, such as Android, iOS and the more recent versions of RIM's BlackBerry OS. The framework consists of a query selector engine, a UI library and several plug-ins.

Further detailed information about JQ.Mobi can be found on their officialProject Page & Blog


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