Netzob- Network Protocol Reverse Engineering Tool

Today we will discuss you about another reverse engineering tool. The name of the tool is Netzob, and it's is an open source tool which supports the expert in its operations of reverse engineering, evaluation and simulation of communication protocols. It has been developed by security auditors of Amossys and the CIDre research team of SUPELEC to address the reverse engineering of communication protocols. Additionally, it supports security auditors and evaluators in their activities of modeling and fuzzing unknown protocol. In short Netzob is mainly a protocol reverse engineering tool. To be precise, Netzob helps security evaluators to:
  1. Assess the robustness of proprietary or unknown protocols implementation.
  2. Analyze the traffic for potential information leakage.
  3. Simulate realistic communications to test third-party products (IDS, firewalls, etc.).
  4. Create an open source implementation of a proprietary or unknown protocol.
This open source tool is provided with is GPLv3 license and is programmed in Python. You can capture files/data from the network, IPC interface, USB devices, etc. and save them in PCAP, hex, raw binary flows, etc. file formats. Fuzzing of API calls, IPC’s is still in progress though. To know more about Netzob click Here

To Download NETZOB Click Here


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