7K+ Israeli Credit Card Details Exposed By Kosovo Hackers Security (KHS)

Few days ago we have covered that hackers from Saudi Arabia named Group-XP has hacked more than400K Israeli credit cards and they have openly posted on a pastebin release names, passwords, addresses, phone numbers and government ID numbers and so on. 0xOmar a hacker from Group-XP told"We decided to give the world a new year gift". Later Israel govt took this matter very seriously andvows to treat hackers like terrorists. But this threat of Govt. seems valueless to hackers. Today well known hacker group KHS aka Kosovo Hackers Security has did exactly same what Group-XP has done before. They have hacked more than 7000 Israeli credit cards.  Th3 Dir3ctorY, ThEtA.Nu, & X|CRIPO, three hackers from KHS openly posted all the credentials including full name of the card holder, CCV, card no, expiry date and so in tinypaste. Earlier this group has hacked many high profile websites including President of the Republic of Macedonia, Ukraine Govt. sites and many more. One of their major attack was taken place when hacker named Th3 Dir3ctorY has hacked the Hotmail server, and he managed to stop the entire Hotmail for more than 12 hrs. Today again they have proved their capability after leaking more than 7K credit card details. 


Please Say Me How To Hacked I Waiting For Your Feedback Please Say Me How To Hack

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