Embassy of India Website Hacked by SeeKeR

Pakistani Hacker with the alias " SeeKeR " has hacked  Embassy of India in response to the hack of  Pakistani Embassy by indian hackers. The hacker left the following message on the website
 "What u think that Kashmir is y0urs lol when I read ur message I lol on your message about Kashmir :P Listen Kids Kashmir is a Muslim Country Under Indian 0ccupation.We will free the land of Kashmir even if we have to sacrifice our lives!!!!
And a Message for ICA t0O!!!
Hey Indian KidZ don't Mess with pak cyber space or I will Burn ur Cyberspace into hell.

Lol ICA now go and Patch ur G0v Servers kidz

Last Warning t0 u Kidz

Bye SqLi KidZ

GreeTz :- Mr CreePy , Mkhan , Dr.FreAk , Cluster

./PakisTan Zindabad "

Hacked site: http://www.embassyofindian
Mirror of hack: http://www.zone-h.com/mirror/id/15628907

This indo-pak cyber-warfare (cyber war) is getting rough! Earlier today Pakistan's Gov. and Education websites where hacked by Indian hackers (HCF) will Pakistan reply with a bigger attack??


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