265+ Government,Organizations,Institutes,Local Bank &Important Sites Of India HACKED BY XtReMist

The Pakistani Hacker XtReMiSt from the Muslim Liberation Army has hack 265+ websites of Government organizations, Local banks, Institutes and many more important websites of India to raise the awareness of the Illegal Occupation of India in Kashmir.

The Muslim Liberation Army is a group of Hackers who hack for the freedom of Kashmir, it consist of great hackers like KillerMind Haxor, XtReMiSt, Jerry Hassan, Syed Zaadaa etc.. Another group who hacks for the same ideology is ZHC ( ZCompany Hacking Crew ).... They might be 2 Different teams, but they share the same idea ( Freedom For Kashmir And Palestine )

Sites Hacked: http://pastebin.com/py8qhJba


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