BSNL Hacked by KhantastiC

A Pakistani hacker called KhantastiC HaXor has hacked into Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd.- India's No. 1 Telecommunications Company. The hacker had added a message to them saying:

Hax3d By KhantastiC haX0r
-[ Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd.- India's No. 1 Telecommunications Company ]-
Hacked =P ??
[!] By KhantastiC HaXor!!
# Khan@bt ~ HellO GayHind PeoPle , Where is Security Now ?!
Are U Hacked ? Yesh ! U have been Hacked !!! not because of your stupidity thats because some Indian Gays hacked our Paki sites !
so just here to warn you, that you have been pwnd by Pakistani hacker This is not a joke or dream, this is fucking reality, kids.
This is now just a warning !!
Deleted Every Database !! Muwah <3 .... Backup in my P0cket =p ohh i means in ma Flash Drive =D ...

Hate me - Fear me - Despise me
rm -rf /planet/world/earth/india
echo "The world is a better place now!"
Hey Admin: sorry, just logs and database deleted

L0v3 tO :- all Muslims

Site Hacked :




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