South Korea offers an Advanced course for Hackers

The authorities in Korea South Course training advanced to the most prominent pirate Web in the country, in order to rehabilitate individuals at a high level of expertise to address cyber attacks on a number of sensitive installations and incurring state losses.

According to the Korea Institute for Research on Information Technology, this training course dubbed "Best Of The Best," where the workers by training a select group of leading analysts encoding systems in the software and computer systems. 

Between the Institute that this course offers Joaúr financial worth 18.500 dollars for the best six experts from each section of the course and that is to, analysis Digital Security Advisory, vulnerability analysis network as well as the security of mobile phones, security networks coverage and security of cloud computing. 

This pointed to the move comes against the backdrop of many attacks on the country during the past years, the most prominent attack-mail, which occurred in 2011, which targeted a larger banks, causing heavy losses, in addition to the attack with 2009 on a number of websites of government, which led to damage to, amounting to $ 50.5 million, according to some estimates. 

Referred to as the statistical figures that the number of cyber attacks that have been South Korea have increased at high rates between 2008 and 2011 and by up to 37%.

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