& Hacked By ZombiE_KsA, Morocco once again Hacked By ZombiE_KsA. DNS is vunerable and can be exploited. So this time again DNS registar server is hit by SQL injection and real DNS changed index page to Pakbugs Deface Page.

There are many strange news and fake deface pages of PakBugs can be found in Cyber Space. We are confirming that this Hack was done by Real ZombiE_KsA. There came some information that ZombiE_KsA X team mate spo0fer may involve in this new PakBugs. One thing is for sure that this kind of fights between Hacker may resultant bad for both sides and also giving really bad impression about Pakistani Hackers. 

Turkguvenligi also twitter about this Matter and Identified the fake mail ID's used in these recent hacks.

Here is the pastebin contain all Fake ID's by Turkguvenligi.

Hacked Site:


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