,,,, Hacked By ZombiE_KsA & Agd_Scorp , PakBugs,, & Hacked By ZombiE_KsA form PakBugs, Pakistani Hackers and Agd_Scorp from Türk Güvenligi.  PakBugs came back after long time and came up with huge Hack., live, Microsoft, Apple, and many more high profiles rank sites hacked By Agd_Scorp & ZombiE_KsA.

It is quit interesting news that Pakbugs is back almost about 2 years. But same time quit shocking.

Deface Page Say's:
"we are: ZombiE_KsA - Agd_Scorp - Z3r0Byt3

Controlling the game...once again...

We fight...
For our existence.
We don't claim to be perfect.
But we have freedom.
We try to reach our dreams.
Alone with no resistance.
Agd_Scorp & ZombiE_KsA - controlling the scene since 2007"

Hacked Sites & Mirrors:


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