Indishell Announced Cyber War Between India and Bangladesh | Indian Hackers Hacked 6 Bangladeshi Sites

Ashell From Indishell Said, "Indians are attacking bd sites because of hackers from bbhh and expire
BCA is not involved in this and always there to protect the country"

Indishell is now after Bangladeshi sites. They had been hacking Pakistani sites for quite a long time and now it seems like they are after Bangladeshi sites too. This sudden attack on Bangladeshi sites has been triggered by a group so called, Bangladesh Black Hat Hackers or BBHH. This group has been protesting against recent BSF violence in the India-Bangladesh border zone and hacking a good number of Indian websites.

Ffe Ssxt Prince Indishell of Indishell gave a status in Facebook where he said- "After #0p Pottystan, thinking to start #0p BD against s0me lamers IIS DNN kids s0 called BBHH.. There was s0mething named PATIENCE in us & en0ugh they tested.. Now Team Indishell will sh0w what is called hacking.."

Besides, Ash3ll of Indishell wrote in the group of TSR addressing TSR admin, Isti Ak Ahmed- "Isti Ak Ahmed sorry man i need a break my promise now. Bd hackers are going over limit now. sry man i need a put my Step in this shit because u guys hacking overlimit sites. here I come ...Indishell ready to Break some shits Need real BCA to mess with"

These messages surely proves that Indishell is going to start a cyber war against Bangladesh. As said, Ash3ll has already started attacking and 6 Bangladeshi websites have been hacked so far.

Hacked Sites:

The deface page also came with a message. 

Message in the deface page:

"Bangladesh Under Indishell Attack ... U guys left no other option
here we come .... Destroyed
We r not the Hxors nor the Destroyers
We are The shells protecting our Indian Cyber Space
.........Destroyed By Ash3ll ........."

Till now there has been no reply from Bangladesh Cyber Army. But under this situation, it is certain that they would not sit still. What they will do is now a big question with no answers yet.


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