Bangladesh Cyber Army (BCA) Hit Indian Stock Market

Bangladesh Cyber Army (BCA) Hit Indian Stock Market(Cyber-War Continues)

The Cyber-War between India and Bangladesh is going on and on. But now its became rather one sided and most of the attack is coming from the Bangladeshi side. Recently they have released their second video where they vow to hit Indian Stock Market websites. During peak hour three main sites of Indian stock market was apparently down due to massive denial of service attack from BD hackers. As expected this DDoS attack surely effect the financial & banking sector of India. 

Targeted Sites:-

Press Release of BCA:- 

The video mentioned the reason to be the killing another of innocent Bangladeshi citizens in the Bangladesh-India border zone yesterday. In the last 3-4 days, a huge number of Indian sites fell victim to hacking attacks of Bangladesh Cyber Army. Two other groups, Bangladesh Black Hat Hackers and 3xp1r3 Cyber Army were also involved in the attacks. Besides, they also have supports from Pakistani hackers which we have already covered. National Informatics Center (NIC), Indian Railways, Passport Dept, MIT, NDTV all became victim of this cyber attack.

VOGH Review:-
Being a media its our duty to rise awareness, so after seeing this so called cyber-war we can only see that it is just damaging thousands of websites. In short hackers from both countries are just bringing ruin to their own cyber space. While attacking websites of different countries, either knowingly or UN-knowingly they are just putting their cyber space in risk. Also such cyber-war always make negative reputation for those countries who have engaged the war. In short if they do not end war - the war will end them. 


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