Indian Advocate General Office of Rajasthan Website Hacked By 1337

A Pakistani Hacker named LeeT Haxor or 1337 has hacked Advocate General Office of Rajasthan Website.
The site had been defaced with a message to Indian hackers not to mess with Pakistani Sites.

Deface Message:


[#]root@1337: Your system GoT 0wn3d By 1337 & KhantastiC Haxor ! 

This is a PayBacK from Pakistani Hackers after Indian Lamers started to play with our Pakistani Sites!

Dont play with fire kids,this is NOT a game

Dont think you are secure !

Pakistan Zindabad 
[#] Greets: KhantastiC HaXoR | InvectuS | Shadow008 | AL.MaX HaCkEr

& All Muslim Hackers


Site Hacked :

The hacker had hacked 35+ Indian Gov. sites before also:

The Hacker had hacked the worlds larged warez forum (Warez-BB) also:



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