Hackers Attack US traced to Chinese military unit in Shanghai

Hackers Attack U.S traced to Chinese military unit in Shanghai.
Black-hat hacker cyber attacks on U.S resultant of stole massive amount of sensitive information from U.S military contractors  energy companies and some major industry in the U.S. The really strange came in track back of hackers. Trace stop at doorstep of Chinese Military announced by U.S security firm alleged on Tuesday  China totally rejected that report and consider it Groundless.

This is not 1st time that U.S accused China on Hacking. The report by Virginia-based Mandiant Corp. contains some of the most extensive and detailed accusations to date linking its military to a wave of cyberspying against U.S. and other foreign companies and government agencies.

News of the report spread Tuesday on the Chinese Internet, with many commentators calling it an excuse for the U.S. to impose greater restrictions to contain China's growing technological prowess.

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