Israel Web Hosting Server Rooted By Dr Torjan & Code5

Israel Web Hosting Server Rooted Via Server Intrusion By Dr Torjan and Code5, through Direct Admin Access, All Domains get defaced. The hacker For freedom in Palestine.

The Message of The Hacker Follows:- 

"..Why are you Israelians so blind? Can't you see your killing Innocent lives?
You guys kill Innocent ppl and when we kill 1 soldier of Israel you call us Terrorirsts?
We want justice done and its time to stand up for our selves!
Freedom For Palestine!
Greetz: HexCoder, Shadow008, Dark Angel, Evil Angel, Khantastic, Password_Cracker, Hitcher..."

Hacked Sites:-

Mirror Links:-​428798​428799​428800​428801​428802​428803​428804​428805​428806​428807​428810​428811​428812​428813



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