150+ Israeli Sites Hacked and Defaced to protest against Israel, Turkey Cyber Army

150+ Israeli Sites Hacked and Defaced to protest against Israel, Turkey Cyber Army.

Turkish Hacker name as "3xroot" hack 150 plus Israeli sites to protest against Israel for Gaza Freedom For Palestine. According to Hacker "You realize that because you have exceeded his limits.! ISRAEL we're aware of Gaza Freedom For Palestine and free ..! ". Turkish hackers are considers as world top defacers and Israeli servers are considers as world most secure servers. But hackers again proof them self that how much level of hackers increase relative to security experts.

"Turkısh Message"

"Likud Partisi kacinizin curmu yeter ezanlari susturmaya? Vatanimiza,Dinimize Karsi
 Kotu Fikirlere Sahip Olan Tum Ulkelere Sanal Savas Acilacaktir..! Biz Turk
 Devletleri Olarak Hep Birlikteyiz Kimseden Korkmayiz Gerektigi Yerde Gereken 
Cevabi Veririz..! Zulme goz yuman veya zulumle hukum surmeye kalkan
 her ulkeye ziyaret borcumuz olsun!"

"English Message"

"How many of the Likud Party's call to prayer is enough to silence the criminal act?
 Vataniza, our religion Counter Having a bad idea Virtual War will be opened 
in all countries ..! We always are together as Youtube States Where it should not
 be afraid of anyone Will answer you need ..! Shield or condone the persecution
 persecution visit every country in debt to reign it! "

Since © 2008 Turkey Cyber Army Group

Atess = Ayazoglu = Hakn's = byN3sht3r = Oxsit = Death_K1nG = SonHamle = Cep_King =
 By3xRooT = Hacker_infazci = SonTuRK =TH3HQCKE4 = AsilTurk = The_Zey =
 All muslim Hackers
"Akıncılar ~ SpyHatz "

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