Teamr00t & Gaza Hackers – Leak 35,000+ Israeli Government Personal Data

One thing is for certain is that Israel may be regretting making threats of furthering the suppression on the people of Palestine. Threatening to deny Palestinians their basic rights to live, denying them any form of communication with the world by making threats to turn off the internet in Palestine has awoken the sleeping beast within hackers.

Teamr00t and the Gaza Hacker Team have joined forces to gi
ve Israel a taste of the beast that Israel has awoken. These hackers wanted to show Israel just what they are capable of, by attacking and leaking over 35k + data for some very high influential Israeli sites including an Israeli political party & Ministry of Defence government of Israel.

Both Gaza Hackers and Teamr00t have told us that there was so much data in this leak that there is a possibility it will exceed 35k initially thought and the leaked data is mainly for governmental people.

We can confirm that the data leaked contains first names, last names, addresses, emails, addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers etc

[Target: 1 Leaked data]
[Target: 2 Leaked data]
[Target: 3 Leaked data]

Data has been leaked on the net ‘Index of /fuckisrahell’ :

The hackers told us that for every Palestinian killed, we will shut down 100 servers. We will not stop our attacks on Israel cyber space and this is only the start!
Source: HackFuse

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