Hacker steals over $80,000 by exploiting security hole in Nike's site

Brad Stephenson , 25-year-old, former college baseball player, accused for hacking the Nike site and fraudulently obtaining sports gear worth over $80,000 from Nike.

According to court documents, Stephenson learned that Nike provides elite-athlete accounts to certain clients, which allows them to order items without paying for them.

"Through further investigation, case agents learned at least 12 Nike Elite accounts were accessed and a total of $81,419.58 in Nike merchandise was ordered and subsequently shipped to various addresses in Arizona,  North Carolina, Virginia and Florida. " the federal indictment reads.

Authorities caught on to his scheme after the legitimate account holders confirmed that they did not authorize anyone to access or place orders on their Nike accounts.

During the search of his home, they found and confiscated 231 Nike items, valued at around $17,000. The rest of the fraudulently obtained merchandise was either sold on eBay or handed out as gifts.

The suspect came to an agreement with Nike, promising to pay up for all the damages he has caused.

The man would not reveal the techniques he used to gain access to all those accounts. However, he claims that everything will be revealed in the book he has just finished writing.


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